Flat spiral coil
by Alexander V. Frolov

In 1990-1997 author investigated some Tesla's ideas and it was found possibility for asymmetry in mutual-inductivity between primary and secondary coils of electromagnetic transformer. When the primary coil is a solenoid type coil but secondary is a flat spiral coil, there is very small induction (reaction) from secondary coil. It means the load can be connected to this flat spiral coil almost without contra-flux and contra-EMF (electromotive force), i.e. it is almost free of primary source. Sure, real system allow to get some asymmetry but it is not 100% free load connection.

Power in load is limited and it is depend of magnetic flux changes and coil parameters. For powerful system it is possible to design output power value in several times more than input power when it is the resonance state circuit.

Any proposals for reproduction of this effect in your laboratory are welcome! Ask me for calculations and design example.