Letter from: Alexander V. Frolov (alex@
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 96

 Dear Sirs,

I am glad to say some more news from Russia about free energy research.

Inventor Andrew A. Melnitchenko made some devices powered by small primary source like 1.5
VDC battery and demonstrated that resonance effect is the way to free power output. He connected
a 17W fan motor to his electronic system and it is working! Another load is 60W and it is working
also! In his opinion, the system like his resonance circuit powered by small battery DC can be power source for home (KWatts) also! The battery is necessary to make alternating voltage output for resonance circuit. It is possible to close the loop and to make self-charging battery mode.

In resonance, as you must know from college  textbook, sources not the source of current, but it is the source of voltage only. It doesn't require current from source that doesn't require the power expense.