Project name:
"Radioactivity and DNA repair"
The goal of this project is investigation of possibility for deceleration of aging by means of suppression of radioactivity in the biological system.

Molecule DNA primary role in protein creation is known. Any distortion of DNA code produce changes in organism that in total sum is the reason for aging. It is known about possible energy interaction between ultra-violet electromagnetic waves and nitrous DNA nucleotides. This interaction transform two neighboring excited nucleotides in new chemical connection that damage the DNA molecule. This well-known mechanism is the reason for skin aging.

There is the question about radiation source that can damage DNA molecules are placed inside of some organism. G.M.Barenboim [1] assumed the cause for it. By his theory it is the Vavilov-Cherenkov's radiation that is produced by electrically charged particles are moving inside of organism. Source of particles is so called "natural radioactivity" elements.

By I.S.Filimonenko [2] main element for this radiation is isotope K-40. There is about 500 g of K-40 in any human body that is collected in life period with food, water and air.

There are some technical methods for distant influence on radioactivity to reduce it. In any case powerful syntropy process is necessary to make the radioactivity element to be transmuting in a stable state. I.S.Filimonenko's "warm fusion" generator of 1960s was one of known demonstration for such sort effect. Other known systems are "scalar", "magnet vector potential" and "torsion" fields generators.

If there are no any radioactivity in organism, the DNA repair is not necessary and calculations for life period are based on 7-years cell cycle that correspond to 1400 years: 7-years cycle can be practically reproduced without any distortions of DNA molecule about 200 times, by I.S.Filimonenko [2].

1. Main molecule, Frank-Kamenetsky, Moscow, 1988, in Russian.
2. Magazine "Inventor...", #1, 1995, p.8-9, N.E.Zaev, in Russian.

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