Unipolar Generator (N-Machine)

    In 1994 it was proposed by author to use special type of the rotor in known uni-polar generator (N-machine). Main idea is to increase power that is generated by means of electric charges  radial separation in rotor of N-machine. The reason for separation is Lorentz force and if the design is made to use radial force only, so there is no deceleration of the rotor when the load is connected.

    The material for disk was proposed of very high electric charges density: it is cathode of electrolytic cell that is saturated by protons. It can be produced easy by several volts (6 VDC - 10 VDC) potential source.

    Such sort rotor can be the source of proton electric current, that can be used not only for power generation but for gravimagnetic field generation also.

    I can not check this idea at home and after several years of consideration it was submitted here for open verification. Ask me for more detailed description if your laboratory can test a rotating cathode that is saturated by protons to detect power output and antigravity effects. The Podkletnov's rotating superconductivity in this conception is considered as particular case for proton current. To get whole concept understanding it is useful to read Dr. Nassikas theory also, where positive electricity (proton) is related to antigravity and negative electricity (electron) is related to gravity. This theory allow to find correlation between positive and negative time axis direction in electromagnetics.