DNA resonance

    The goal of the project is control on aging and health problems those are connected with distortions of DNA replication process. The control can be produced by resonance method.

    The base model for DNA by E. Schrodinger is aperiodical solid state body and its structure is described in Watson-Crick model: double helical spire of 2 nm diameter and 3.4 nm step. The resonance wavelength should be corresponding to whole number curvature 14.0000 and it is about 71.1 nm that is calculated by Frolov's method.
    Processes in DNA can be activated or suppressed when energy interaction with outside source is organized by some way. Known dielectrical properties of DNA molecule and magnetostriction effects in blood allow to suppose the mechanism for DNA resonance stimulation. It is assumed the photon absorption in DNA molecule is producing the mechanical but not the electromagnetic resonance, i.e. the molecule resonance we have to control is mechanical longitudinal compression-extention and torsion oscillations in double helical spire structure.

    In this case the influence on DNA molecule should be non-Hertz electromagnetic but longitudinal waves of some resonance frequency.

    There are number of known longitudinal wave and torsion field generators technologies and only problem is special wave-length range. High frequency system can be made as optic system where the light beam of resonance wave-length is used.

    In resonance state the repair process of DNA molecule can be activated and it is the way for aging control.