Aging Process
Alexander V. Frolov
    Aging is important topic for everybody. Why we have to be changing to old people? Is it a Nature Law? Sure, it is very complex medical science question and I am not gerontology specialist, but let me say only one short idea.

    Mr. Ivan S. Filimonenko, author of Russian 1960 "warm fusion" research program claimed the next: all people have about 1400 years natural resource. His calculations are based on 7 years cycle of human biological cell life period and known resource of "cell repair" that is about 200 times. In other words, we are living in permanent biological repair process and activity of this repair depend of surrounding media. So, there is 200x7=1400 years resource if there are no any reasons for repair. The cause for aging is so called "background radioactivity" we are meeting anywhere on the planet that is produced mainly (about 90%) by potassium K-40. It is isotope and it is periodically emitting electron. The electron is moving and it is damaging all biological cells on its way.

    It is important to know the fact of history: the background radioactivity was created by some accident and geologists know when it was made. Before it all people were living many hundreds years according to old books data.

    Different kind radioactivity elements are collecting inside of each human body with foods and air. We are "collectors" of  isotopes and there are no easy medical way to remove it from body. But there are new methods to reduce radioactivity by means of special fields.

    In August of 1995 Atomic Energy of Canada, Ltd., Planetary Association for Clean Energy, published review of modern methods for radioactivity wastes transformation. So called "scalar field" can be used for distant influence to radioactivity. In Filimonenko's research work of 1960 the same effect was discovered for "warm fusion" generator. There are modern experiments of vector magnetic field influence to radioactivity, plasma wave and other methods those are not theory but real working technologies and it can be used to clean human body from radioactivity.  Why this important work is not known yet? Are people have not any wish to get the youth?

    School, college, office, pension... It is standard 60-80 years period for standard people to change the "biological material" of the natural selection process. But the period is not a natural law but some temporary program for beginning age of our civilization. Now we have the new technologies to reduce radioactivity and aging process can be normalized up to 1400 years period. Are you ready to think about it?

    Modern economics, politics, finances are not ready for it and all old systems are not working in new civilization conditions. But if it is true technology we have to find the solution and the World should be changed.